Colecovision, 1982

Game: Zaxxon

The Colecovision was released in August 1982, and had sold more than 500,000 units by December of the same year. It was Coleco Industries' second generation home video console. Hardware add-ons included a steering wheel and a trackbal. Outside of the States Colecovision was distributed by CBS.


Colecovision - Picture found on Flickr, made by Kuba Bo?anowski.

The Colecovision is a typical second generation console. Zaxxon, a game by Sega, was one of the original twelve games this console was launched with. Zaxxon was the first game to make use of Axonometric projection. The world record has been set at 4,680,740 points...

We would like to thank Game Shop Den Haag for the Colecovision console on show in the Arcade exhibition.