Google Maps to the rescue

Presentation by Gizem and more proposals

30 Jul 2013

For the last weeks an active group of people have been gathering at Mediamatic and many interesting projects are in the making. These Tuesday meetings are a celebration of collective spirit, the creative response in Gezi park and support from all over the world. This Tuesday Gizem Akgonul told us about her project early on in the protests. Gizem tracked the density of the police in certain areas using Google Maps and spread the information in real time to protestors.


Gizem Akgongul - the speaker of the evening presents her idea, as the audience listens on. Marcela Szwarc


More information

Time: 19:00. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free dinner for participants.

Summary of the meeting

Presentation of gizem

We started with a presentation of Gizem. She did the project police action map, navigating the resistance. With help of social media she showed barricades and police on Google maps.

Working with our website

A lot of proposals are online now. But they are not complete or clear for everyone. Some people don't know how to use our website. When you log in, you can change your proposal yourself (click edit button and add or change the text). In the text you should all add what you need in upcoming weeks. People can react to every proposal. It's also helpful to add your contact information to your account. Mediamatic is planning a short briefing how to do this, maybe next meeting.

Editorial team

Froukje (journalist for NRC, first time at Çapulcu meeting) said we should avoid vague art texts, but be as clear as possible. She didn't understand a lot of the projects. That's why we set up a editorial team, with Hande, Ellen and Baris. Willem is going to explain to them how to work with our website system next Thursday at 18h. They will also get editor rights on our website.


Marleen will get a key from Mediamatic, because she lives close by. So she can open if you want to work here in the evening or in weekend (when we are not working here). Or lock the building after the meeting or party.


The deadline for sending us your proposals is Sunday August 18th. We need a good description of your plan, a schedule, how much space you need and if you need a budget also an overview of that. During the meeting of Tuesday August 20th we tell you the Mediamatic jury result.

Budget for projects

We have a lot of space but our financial means are very limited. So space won't be a problem. But if you need a budget, Willem en Jans (Mediamatic Jury) are going to decide if we can do it. The discussion will be based on practical criteria, such as support by group members and whether it is realistic or not. If you have no monitary needs, don't wait to start with your project.


After a long discussion we agreed upon a name for the project: Park. Hande had a good motivation why this is a good title: it's positive, refers to freedom, a park is a place where people come together, Mediamatic is such a place, we can play a lot with this title.


A few new people joined the meeting with new proposals. We did a quick proposal session this week, focusing on what people need:
- Gurcem (probably didn't spell your name right) wants to organize something for Gay pride. People advised him to make a Facebook event, a lot of people will join.
- Froukje wants to write an essay about how Turkish people feel about the situation. She really wants to talk to some of you. If you're interested, please send here an e-mail: I will also add Froukje to our mailinglist.
- Efe needs an archive of media (pictures, videos everything) for his stigma tunnel. Some of you are going to send him some links of good online archives. He also needs people to make a selection and people who can help building. you can react on his proposal online, or just email him.
- Hidde is going to make a Gezi game app. He needs someone who can help him programming this, and someone with ideas about games.

Other things

- On Sunday the mother of Ekim is going to give a special (traditional) köfte workshop, starting at 16h. Cem is joining with a big group, but of course it's possible for a few of you to join or to just look. The workshop will be finished before the meeting.
- Gizem will make a list of good websites.
- Some of you really want a Turkish version of the website. It's possible with our website system, but we need translators. Cem can take care of this.
- We'll prepare your office in our space today, so you can start working here! There are tables and there's a printer. If you need anything more, send an e-mail to: