mp3 | music+poetry+3 languages: only my pen tolerates my choices

music theater performance with texts by Afghan women

12 Mar 2011

mp3 | music+poetry+3 languages is a series of experiments with poetry and sound. Young international musicians, visual artists and performers challenge boundries of their artistic techniques in performing sessions.


mp3 | music+poetry+3 languages: only my pen tolerates my choices - Krystian Lada

date: Saturday, March 12th, 8pm
venue: Goethe-Institut Amsterdam, Herengracht 470
tickets: 5 EUR | 3 EUR

music: Barbara Morgenstern
concept&directing: Krystian Lada

„What I write here are the wounded and torn pieces of my heart and the secrets an Afghan girl suffers... I don't see a solution. In my country, I am considered bad, and people blame me for standing against my family, failing to respect my elders, and rejecting a life serving the husband my uncle chose for me whom I didn't love... Only my pen tolerates my choices... I still wish I were not a woman."

A group of international artists and musicians makes the voice of Afghan women be heared, taking poems written as a part of the Afghan Women's Writting Project as a starting point for creation of a multidisciplinary performing session. Most of the Afghan writers participate in the project partially or entirely in secret from friends and family. Many of them have to make extreme efforts and put a lot at risk to gain computer access in order to submit their writings. Project aims at encouraging the women to develop their voices and share their stories -- something that was not permitted during the years when Afghanistan was Taliban-held.

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