Tostifabriek celebrates the first tosti's!

The grilled ham and cheese sandwich is complete

14 Sep 2013

Since March the Tostifabriek team has been building and taking care of a miniature urban farm that shows the whole production process of a grilled cheese sandwich. The wheat has been harvested and threshed, the pigs have become ham and the cows have donated their milk to cheese. The day has finally come: the first tosti's can be served! Join us and celebrate the only real home-made tosti.


De eerste tosti werd klaar gemaakt - Tim van Remundt

The Tostifabriek raised money for the project through crowdfunding. A team of volunteers has spent the last months building the factory, scaring away birds, and taking care of the animals. They produced the grilled cheese sandwich themselves, smack in the middle of Amsterdam. That making a tosti is hard work became evident - farmers rise early, have to defend sad, bawling mother cows from angry neighbors, and move a lot, - a lot - of poop. But it's also amazing. Over the last 7 months we've grown to love the animals, and the slaughter of Wim and Max was painful but yielded great results - more than 140 kilo's of prime meat. On September 14th the project is coming to an end. With a great party at which we'll serve the first tosti's. Entrance is free. Location: Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam.