Ignite: You Are Cordially Invited, 3D printing, polls

and 9 other ideas

25 Jun 2014

The 12 speakers of June's Ignite will talk for 5 minutes each about moths, important questions in life, and more. Come early to see The Poffice, Daniela Bershan's week of Lightness. Food at 19:30, the first speaker will kick-off at 21:00. Get your tickets online in advance to save a few euros.


The School Of Life in Amsterdam -


Laurens Knoop

How to find fulfilling work? Or how to master the art of a relationship? The School of Life is developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. It was founded in 2008 London, by Alain de Button. When Laurens Knoop heard of the School of Life, he thought: 'I should bring this to Amsterdam!'.

Coralie Vogelaar

Polls are very popular. Every subject seems interesting enough for a survey. And results are appreciated by newspapers. But can we trust these polls? Artist Coralie Vogelaar is researching this with her transparent survey office Peilendoejezo.nl. How do we rate famous Dutch pollster Maurice de Hond?

Peilen doe je zo

Rick Companje

In the future we change our inkjet printers for 3D printers. The 3D printing technique is going through a major rise at the moment, but not in our homes yet. Rick Companje developed Doodle3D, a wifi box that connects your 3D printer to your mobile device and makes 3D printing accessible for everyone.


Doodle 3D - Makes 3D printing at home possible. Website Doodle3D

Cornelis van den Berg

Cornelis van den Berg was the initiator of the first free tabloid newspaper with high journalistic quality: De Pers. Unfortunately the last edition was published in March 2012. In his book Het Complot Cornelis van den Berg shared his experiences in the newspaper world. This week he’s part of The Poffice.

You Are Cordially Invited

You Are Cordially Invited is an initiative of Marijke Cobbenhagen and Chantal Hendriksen who, as graphic designers, are looking for new concepts on the representation of contemporary art. Resulting in a printed magazine opening it's own two-dimesional exhibition each time. For the second issue (SOON!) the Group Show consists out of fifteen artists questioning these possibilities: Can an artist, trained as painter or sculpturer, make a video work, or become a performer? And if so, should he find a stage? To which audience do you address?


You Are Cordially Invited #1 - The Audacious Issue -

Jan Ritsema

Theatre is often related with fiction and illusions, but not in the work of Dutch theatre director Jan Ritsema. His work triggers strange moments where thinking and performing intertwine. For him, theatre is a live gathering where actors and the audience can think together. This week, Jan is one of the participants of Daniela Bershan's week of Lightness: The Poffice.

Plantbot Genetics

Our primary pollinator the honeybee is in rapid decline and we do not know exactly why. Horticultural installation artists Jeff Schmuki & Wendy DesChene draw attention to importance of pollinator populations and the need to seek alternatives for pollination through The Moth Project.


The Moth Project -

With: Jeff Schmuki

Bastiaan Dillmann

Insects are the food of the future. Not only because it’s the most protein-rich food on earth. It can also help us solve big food problems (800 million people worldwide are hungry and more than 1,2 billion people are suffering from shortage of water). And the taste seems to be good. The Grasshopper Supplies want to bring affordable insects for human consumption to the European market. How? Bastiaan Dillmann will explain it tonight.


Why it's better to eat insects. - Image by [[The Grasshopper Supplies https://www.facebook.com/TheGrasshopperSuppliers/photos_stream ]]

Stëfan Schäfer

Stefan Schäfer is graphic designer and researcher, who is interested in the meaning of representation and its transformation within specific media or genres. Tonight, his presentation deals with the true horros of selfies. Do selfies bring self-awareness to another level? It is a sneak peak to his project at the Lightness exhibition Pret Park.


Selfie Horror - A research of Stefan Schäfer for Pret Park

Bas Morsch

According to Bas Morsch, people often lack the time to browse through all programmes and reviews, an obvious choice is often made. As one of the founders of the music platform Subbacultcha, he recently launched Public. Public invites the audience to discover things they would otherwise never see, by offering a special selection made by a team of curators from Amsterdam’s creative scene, for only 15 euros a month.

Lauri Tjallinks

Did you know city birds have a reduced wingspan to help with manoeuvring through busy traffic? By creating her own hats with feathers from dead birds she found on the street, photographer and stylist Lauri Tjallinks wants to make people aware of the wondrous fusion between birds and the city.


Hat of bird feathers -


Bastiaan Terhorst and Casper Schipper of the design agency Perceptor think, design, develop and play with technology. Only one example: the website Your Name in Gum where you can write with a bright pink gum font.


Your Name in Gum - A website by Perceptor

With: Perceptor

More information

Dinner at 19:30. First speaker at 21:00. Mediamatic, VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Pre-sale tickets are €6,- until 14:00 on the day of the event, then they go up to €8,- (includes a 9-week Club Mediamatic membership). Tickets don't include food.