Nolan Bushnell

Computer game Pioneer


Nolan Bushnell portrait - ca. 2008 found on New Leaf Speakers Photographer unknown.

Nolan Bushnell created "Computer Space", the first commercial computer game. In 1972 he founded Atari and created "Pong" with Alan Alcorn.

Check Invaded, the game–blog of Riddler for a nice report of Bushnells visit to Paris Neo–Legend arcade.

Later at Atari: Using borrowed parts from Atari, having the main PCB printed up by Atari employee Howard Cantin, and receiving further assistance from Atari employee Ron Wayne, two non-employees, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - both of whom had previously been involved in the development of the Atari arcade game Breakout - created and marketed their own home computer. They offered the design to Bushnell, but Atari had no desire to build computers at the time, instead focusing on the arcade and home console markets.

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