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Haeckel Discomedusae - Plate 8/100 from Kunstformen Der Natur a series of biology illustrations by german biologist Ernst Haeckel

CREDIT Attention

When you use images, make sure they are made by Mediamatic staff or that we can use them with permission from the photographer and credit accordingly!
Otherwise, use creative commons or “free to use or share” as search filter in google.


You can schedule posts in through buffer. This works very well for Twitter & Instagram. However if you want to tag people/events in Facebook, it's better to use the scheduling function of Facebook itself. Buffer won't let you do this. Also if you want to upload multiple images in one Instagram post, or upload video's or GIFs, you need to do this directly through the app.  


Login: (own login)
Password: (own password)


  • Events (in collaboration with the programme team)
  • Articles (written by communication manager)
  • Blog posts (often written by interns and artists in residence)
  • Persons and Organisations profiles (in collaboration with the programme team)
  • Images/Media  (in collaboration with the programme team and photographers)





Login: (own login) **
Password: (own password)


  • Creation of events (in collaboration with programme team)
  • Posts op main page/home page
  • Posts in events (in collaboration with programme team)
  • Post in special Facebook groups (see server: ) 0-stichting > 0-Communicatie Stichting > 2017 > Lotte Overdracht 2017 > Facebook Groups (to be updated)


Becoming an editor
The communication manager (and Willem) can make you an editor (s/he has admin rights).
If she can’t, ask the programme manager.
Mediamatic homepage > settings (right corner) > page roles > Assign a new page role

Create an event
In collaboration with programme team. You can create an event using draft, so it is not published yet. Don’t forget to publish it after it is finished. Check with communication manager.
You can also duplicate a previous event; can use this for repeated workshops

Structure event

  • Image of event (preferably with humans as it works better)
  • Short sentence describing the event
  • Url of event on
  • Short introduction
  • // Names participants (tag them by using @in front of their names if they have a Facebook account) + one sentence description of what they will do/show
  • // Information (Name event | Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam | Day in the week and date and time | Tickets prices
  • Put ticket link of stager in the ticket box

Main page
About 3 posts a day (in general, not for each event
You can schedule these in, so great for publishing posts in the weekend.

Event page
4 - 10 posts in event.
! You can’t schedule these in, so you’ll need to prepare them on Google Drive and share them with the communication manager to check.

Structure post

  • 1 or 2 sentences for grabbing attention
  • 1 or 2 sentences describing what will happen and when
  • incorporate name of event in the text, and tag the event by using @
  • tag the people associated with the event using @
  • always include an image or video: horizontal shape works better than portrait
  • when using a link (to an article for instance): first copy-paste the url - an imagelink will appear (sometimes an imagelink appears without at actual image: you can attach one from your computer). After this appearance, you can delete the url

Type of posts (to use on main page and/or in event)

  1. General description of event (first and one of the last posts of event promotion)
  2. The participants (separately) (introducing them, using pics of their face or work)
  3. Related articles. You can find great articles on (you need your own login)
    Pages you can follow are for example:; contemporary art daily; the art newspaper; e-flux; frieze blog; dezeen; interesting engineering; Modern Farmer; Biomedicine - MIT Technology Review; Biotech News; Biotechnology News; FierceBiotech; LifeSciencesWorld; Nature; Nature Biotechnology; Science Friday; Habitat Magazine; i-D; n+1; vice; Wired; motherboard; Next Nature Network; The Creators Project; AJ+.
    You can also follow the news feed on specific topics (mushrooms, tempeh, mycelium, kefir; probiotic; algae)
  4. Old but good promotion material related to our general activities and/or current exhibited works. Can be found on or on the server: Stichting > MMArchief > Media Bank
  5. Special announcements, like changed opening hours or special events in Mediamatic ETEN
  6. Eat/drink deal at Mediamatic ETEN with ticket to event (first has to be discussed with chef and bar manager)
  7. Getting ready/building up/preparation of event post



Login: mediamatic
Password: hemaworst


  • Same kind of posts as on Facebook, but shorter
  • Liking interesting posts by others about Mediamatic
  • Occasionally/rarely retweeting a great post by someone else about Mediamatic


+/- 7 posts a day  (2 coming from Instagram + 1 about Mediamatic ETEN)

  •  Create short links in your posts with:
  • You can schedule posts in using Tweetdeck: 
    (Inlog: mediamatic | Password: hemaworst).




  • Here you can upload pictures directly from your computer (and don’t need to send them first to your phone).
  • Here you can schedule your posts in (but only when your computer remains active, otherwise the post won't be published)
  • Posts you publish on Gramblr automatically will be posted on twitter. Make sure you use the right amount of letters (except for the hashtags)
  • Download: > upload mac > login: | password: hemaworst



(Log in info here)

  • The photographer of an event is responsible for uploading the pictures on Flickr.
    Photography interns should also use this.
  • Make sure to check out the albums of previous events for promotion material.



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  • The video makers are responsible for uploading videos on vimeo.
    Only upload them after the green light of Willem and/or Jans.



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  • The video makers are responsible for uploading videos on youtube.
    Only upload them after the green light of Willem and/or Jans.

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