Announcing an event

Some central points.



The communications person is responsible for announcing an event. You can do this together with the web editor. It's your responsibility to do this in time and at the right place.

  • Get all the right information from the involved parties.
  • Make an event on the website (read here how).
  • Let the communication manager know you added the event.
  • Add the event to google calendar.
  • Admin: put the event in the homeset (read here how).
  • Admin: as the event nears, place it on the Mediamatic homeblog (read here how)
  • At every event, there should be a photographer. Plan her/him in in stager.
  • Spread the word through social media (read here how).
  • Send a mailing (read here how).
  • If necessary, send a press mailing (read here how).
  • Let the graphic design intern know in time that he has to design the flyers.

What to do after an event? Click here.