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  • Our newsletter that people signed up for. No press!
  • Send about 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • For events separately (biotalks, odorama's, secretopia, exhibitions, etc)
  • For workshops in combination (“Workshops in *Month*”) and 4-5 weeks prior to the events

NOTE: It's really convenient to duplicate an old mailing to have the right format. However, make sure to change ALL THE INFORMATION (incuding title etc) with your new information. 


> Write the mailing on your computer using pages/word. Use text of event on the website, but with just 1 sentence for each participant. Shorten it where possible.
Same format as previous mailings (see: > campaigns > select previous mailing > view email)

> Print the mailing 2 times. Give 1 to Jans and 1 to Willem. Often you’ll need at least a day for their reply, so be on time with this!

> Edit their comments in mailing

> Check grammar with native speaker

> Go to

> Campaigns

> Create Campaigns (replicate an already existing campaign). If you want to make a newsletter choose an already existing newsletter (the ones without the word 'persbericht' in the title). 

> Click on the arrow next to view report and choose replicate

> You will be automatically redirected to your new copy 01 mailing

> Edit Name of your campaign by choosing edit name

> Edit subject of your campaign by choosing edit subject

> Everything else can stay the same (always send it from and send it to Mediamatic Newsletter List or press list when it is a pressmailing)

> Edit share your campaign with the right title

> Edit Settings & Tracking (only change the Google Analytics with the right date, the date when you will send the mailing)

> Now it is time to edit your body (design). Choose edit Design (Content)

> Don't change the format

> Your left screen is the result of your editing and the right screen is your editing screen

> So click on the box (you want to change) on the left and insert the right text on the right. 

> Use same format the mailing template (font=Georgia).
In first box: Title (font size=38)+ subtitle (font size=16)+ short intro (font size=16)+ website link / Facebook link /ticket link (make sure you insert them correctly).
In second box: change picture to main picture of the event. If it is too big, mailchimp can change this for you
In third box: body text (font sizes= 16 titles of text are bold and italic)

> Before you will send the mailing, you first send a test mailing to yourself and program manager

> At the top (right) of your webpage you will see Preview & Test

> Click on Preview & Test and choose number 2: Send a test mail and fill in the mail addresses you want to send it to

> Wait for it appears in your mailbox, check if there are any mistakes

> Correct mistakes made in test mailing

> Send a test mailing again and also click on every single link to know if it is linked to the right one. (DOUBLE CHECK EVERYTHING)

> If everything is right you can send your mailing by going to the first screen (where you can edit the name of the campaign etc. on the top right there is SEND.