Archiving MM in the media

Perpetuate our fame (Knipsel service & Google Analytics).


Mediamatic has a subscription to the Knipsel service. They collect all articles in newspapers and magazines which contain the search terms we gave to them (like Mediamatic). In the document added to this page you see the current search terms. Please update this if you change something. From time to time you can change these in collaboration with Lab. Contact through 036-5495550 -

  • Save the incoming Knipsels in the MM Persmail folder 'Knipsels'. Please check first if they send the whole article. If not, send it back to They will send a better one. If the article isn't about Mediamatic, send it back and we will get a refund.
  • Put all relevant knipsels on Mediamatic in de pers. Do this by opening the PDF, size it up to screen filling, and cut the article with Skitch. In the menu, go to Image > Add shadow to image and save it as .jpg (File > Export). Add the image to the website and to the set on the press page.

Google Alerts

To monitor what is written about us on the internet, we use the free service Google Alerts. You'll get these in the Pers mail client. Please update them form time to time (when we have a new event or interest). Surf to
Username: / password: communicatie.

  • Collect all incoming alerts in the folder 'Google Meldingen' in the pers mail client.
  • Add the relevant alerts to Mediamatic in de pers.

By using Google Alerts you'll see a lot of places we are mentioned, but not all. That's why you should always do your own search actions on Google. It's good to set up a publication period for this (for example the last 24 hours).

Google Analytics

In Google Analytics you can see the Traffic Sources Overview. Here you can see where our website visitors are from.

Go to
user name: / password: mediamaticvvv.

Select the account in the top right corner and choose the website you'd like to see the statistics from.