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How to write the perfect blog post

Blogging is the perfect way to share knowledge, inspiration and information with our audience. We will use the blog for small, 'in-depth' articles, concerning our current and upcoming fascinations. In this article you will find useful information for writing blog posts on our Mediamatic website.

But how do you write an appealing blog posts? In the body text below you will find extended information, but a great blogpost consist of the following:

  • Headline (6 key words)
  • Intro (Max 7 lines)
  • Key image (photo caption max 150 words)
  • Body Text (total post length between 300 - 500 words)
  • Additional Images (1 or more)

With our blog, we show the open and collaborative character of Mediamatic, but more importantly, it is a great way to get more traffic to your website. Plus you provide an extra promotion platform for our partners and give more depth to all the projects Mediamatic is involved in. You can see it as a 'subconsious' promotion level :-)

For instance:
- Introduction to people we work with (designers/artists/architects/scientist/partners)
- Explanations about our current and upcoming program lines
- Outside projects related to our 'fascination' / programs
- Inside projects
- Interesting knowledge / articles / blogs we want to share with our audience.

Great blog posts are:
actionable, relatable, urgent, visual, solution-based, entertaining and definitive.


For most people, the headline of an article is the only thing they read. Therefore it is the most important and only way to get your audience to start reading the article. If you don't catch the 'scanners' eye's, you blog will never be read. And it will be a waste of you energy.

Headline Length

6 words that count most.
Readers tend to absorb the first three words of a headline and the last three words. Creating a headline with just 6 words isn't easy. Therefore make sure that the first 3 words and last 3 words stand out as much as possible

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimalisation) The headline (or titel tag) needs to be around 55 characters of fewer, in order to fit the entire title on a search result page.

Maurizio Montalti: Everyone can learn how to grow mycelium
10 Reasons why you should visit DroneCamping this weekend

Headline 'Style'

Make it appealing. There are tons of different lists online on what make's the perfect headline, but here's some advice:

Numbers win readers – e.g. 27 Tips
Use interesting adjectives such as smashing, useful, absolute, sexy etc.
Rationale such as tips, tricks, reasons, principles always work
If possible, include trigger words ‘Why’ and ‘How’
Make a promise, such as 27 Super- useful tips that will help you…
Make your headline shorter rather than longer to avoid Google truncating it for you
Include a keyword, you still want organic traffic

There even exist a formula:
Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier

Intro :Storytelling

The headline entices readers to click through. The intro hooks readers into continuing.
The best way to introduce a new post is by storytelling. Make it personal, relatable, and transparent.

Intro: Get all the information in

An effective blog post into gives readers the answers to their key questions:

What the article/blog post is really about?
Why they should bother to read it?
What they will get out of it (What’s In It For Me?)

Just like the headline, the first paragraph needs to be the best. If the intro isn't good enough there is no need to write further.

Intro: Cut down characters

Make sure that you use fewer characters per line in the beginning of your article. The fewer the characters, the easier the text is to comprehend and the less complex it seems.

write the intro in the 'introduction' field of the article. 

Intro Length

It is important that the introduction is not too long. Since on our front page we will only be showing the introduction, and image and then ' read further'. Use a maximum of 7 lines if you can.


Main body

The main body of your article is the longest part so you need to do everything in your power to make sure it’s doesn’t look boring. Therefore you have to make it scannable. So make sure that you:

Use Quotes in Italics
Good use of sub-headings
Use visuals

Sentence Length

The perfect line length for web is considered between 50-60 characters. If you make your lines much longer, you might scare your readers off. 

Paragraph Length

For good readability on the screen it is super important to keep your paragraphs short! Readers should be able to quickly scan your blog to see if they want to read (and keep on reading) it. Make sure the first sentence contains keywords to identify the main point of your paragraph. Maintain a maximum of 160 words per paragraph. 

Total Length

The length for a blog posts is between 200 - 500 words, a.k.a a read of max 5 minutes.



Use links! Highlight artist/partner names and link to their profile on the website. If the person doesn't have a page, create one.


Place your key image underneath the intro. Make sure you have the right usage rights! (Creative common licences on Google Search) 
Always use landscape images in our blogs. These work better. Use one underneath the intro text plus ideally a minimum of 2 in the rest of the text.

Make sure to add at least 5 keywords and tags to your page. Here you can read how.