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CNC is an exotic mushroom production facility. They manufacture many varieties of substrate and growth bags in which mushroom spores can grow. They sell their growth bags to mushroom farms.


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The production of substrate for exotic mushrooms takes place at CNC Exotic Mushrooms B.V. in Hedel. The wood substrate is composed in accordance with a completely hygienic method. All the raw materials are of biological origin. This means that the wood substrate of our company is completely certified organic. The product is packed in plastic foil blocks of approximately 4 kilograms and has been provided with a special air filter. The mycelium growth takes place at CNC Exotic Mushrooms B.V. so after it has been supplied, the grower can immediately proceed with fructification. In principle, the substrate is produced as per order. Apart from that, it can be supplied from stock to a limited extent. You can also order substrate which has been inoculated with a fungus species of your desire.

CNC Exotic Mushrooms is part of C4C Holding

C4C Holding is Europe's champion in mushrooms. CNC Grondstoffen, one of the subsidiary companies of C4C Holding has been a renowned supplier of compost for the cultivation of white button mushrooms for 60 years. Apart from that, professional growers can purchase substrates for the cultivation of exotic mushrooms from us.

C4C Holding is a leading company not only as far as substrates for the cultivation of mushrooms is concerned. The subsidiary company of Lutèce, is the world's largest and most modern producer of conserved mushrooms with a processing capacity of more than 100 million kilograms of white button mushrooms a year. The company belongs to the top world-wide when quality and innovation are concerned. Lutèce sells their products to retail and foodservice companies and to industrial clients in more than 60 countries.

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