First we take Manhattan

DOGtime 4 Group show - Rietveld academie

11 Dec 2009
19 Dec 2009

"It's 28 years of the DOG on a bond slate, it's the time for... in order to go; quite malevolent instinct in operation. Aarden aarden the earthen bowl and the part the joy with us. We take end access of Manhattan the group is the students of 4.o years of DOGtime, the owls at night of Gerrit Academy of Cane Plantation. We they our tones the most recent work in Basisburo. Don't comes order the surplus, we he it finished people the reason".


Dogtime 4 Poster - source

With works by:

Lucia Kooiman, Nicoline Timmer, Anneke de Visser, Femke Egas, Anne-Marie van Meel, Robbert Weide, Jessica Kouwenhoven, Petra Droogsma and Karla Hari, Patrice Aaftink, Jane Wang, Michiel Hilbrink, Annette Vlug, Loes Degener, Douwe Mulder, Jannemieke Versteegen, Simone van Groenestijn (aka Cym), Osira, Katarina Murinova, Luis Rodil-Fernandez, Martine Smids, Marjolein Charlotte Hessels, Tatjana Leutar, Sebastien Goy, Daniel Varvaras, Rene Bosch.