Yann Seznec


Yann Seznec - Photograph of Yann Seznec. Taken from this personal website .

Yann is a freelance sound designer and musician based in Scotland. He is the founder of Lucky Frame Limited, through which he's developed the Wii LoopMachine (creative music software for the Wii), and Mujik (an innovative music remixing toy for iPhone). He established the company with the support of the University of Edinburgh through EPIS, NESTA, and the British Council, for whom he was a finalist in the 2009 UK Young Music Entrepreneur awards. In addition, Yann recently completed an artist residency at the University of Abertay Dundee, a position funded by the Scottish Arts Council. He has continued on at Abertay as a part-time lecturer and tutor in audio. In his spare time he works on sound design for video art and films, as well as original music recording and production, and recording engineering.
He has worked on a wide range of sonic and musical projects over the past five years, from sound design in a submarine to producing an album in a 1930′s concert hall outside of London.


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