Basic Anymeta Training

This training covers the Anymeta basics. Take part in this training before you participate in any of the other trainings. We'll discuss the system behind Anymeta, the importance of meaningful links, and we'll teach you how to work in the front-end.

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9:30 - 10:30: Part 1, Principles of Anymeta

Discussion of the fundamentals of Anymeta with some examples from our portfolio. We will concentrate on the operation of Anymeta as CMS.

10:30 - 13:00: Part 2, Creating content in the front-end

In this section we will teach you how an advanced user can make contributions, and how these contributions can provide additional value and significance within the Anymeta system. The training emphasizes "netiquette" and copyright.

This training costs € 198 ex VAT

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NB: Clients get vouchers with their project that they can exchange for trainings. New colleageus at Mediamatic don't pay for the training themselves. Their training is paid for by Mediamatic.