PechaKucha Amsterdam #21

With Hans Ubbink, Monobanda, Observatorium and more...

24 Apr 2012

Come along at Trouw on Tuesday 24 April for a new mind-blowing edition of PechaKucha Amsterdam! Expect fascinating stories, ideas and doses of inspiration by twelve enlightened minds, bound by the world-famous rule of 20 slides x 20 seconds. Buy your ticket here!


PechaKucha Amsterdam -

Presenters at this PechaKucha Night are Hans Ubbink, Remy Harrewijn (Festina Lente Collective), Agata Jaworska (Droog Design), Erik Klein Wolterink, Carlo Maria Morsiani, Niki Smit (Monobanda), Maria Zendrera, André Dekker (Observatorium), Leon Römer, Arnout Visser, Thomas Le Gras (Stadsboeren), and Gijs van Kooten (Colorbleed).

We will astound you with fabulously inspiring presenters, great music to dance to and so many interesting people in one space at one time, you’ll wish you had more time to speak to all of them!

Tickets and Info

Tickets in presale and at the door. Buy your ticket at! Become a PechaKucha fan on Facebook, follow us on Twitter!