Pis' Art Installations

Visit Mediamatic and give us your pee

We have created a pissing experience like no other: pee into our art installations and simultaneously immerse yourself in an extraordinary landscape. We will put your pee to good use; it will be collected and used to help grow bio-diverse plants at the Dijksgracht.

As we are located in the city centre we suffered from the problem of wildplassers, or public pee-ers. Late night drinkers were often found peeing around our site, and untreated urine can badly damage the plant life we are growing here, not to mention the smell! This gave us an idea; why not turn our Biotoop into a pee park?

So how do we use urine at Mediamatic?
We have built a closed system in which we can collect the urine kindly donated by visitors: installed on the facade of Mediamatic are five waterless urinals made by Urined, accompanied by a mesmerising audio-vidual installation. We also try to enrich your peeing experience using the NIMBY toilet by Henriëtte Waal overlooking the water. Once collected, we store the urine for some time to kill off any harmful pathogens, we dilute it with rain water and we feed our soil and plants.