Seedlings and fingerlings

29 Jan 2013

This evening will be about nurturing our little ones. The sick fingerlings need clean salt water and the seedlings need comfort and time.


Catfish fingerlings - Catfish fingerlings in the Mediamatic aquaponics system Saro van Cleynenbreugel

We recently had mysterious deaths occurring in our catfish tanks, probably a bacterial infection. Now we put the sickest in a separate hospital tank with salt water to support their immune systems and help fight off the bacteria. However, this hospital tank is not an aquaponics setup, so the water needs to be cleaned manually.

On monday Kike has begun sowing the first seeds of his planting plan. Probably we won't see anything yet on tuesday night, but we have to make sure the seeds get everything they need: water, the right temperature and light.

You're welcome to join us to maintain the system!