Book: Frédéric Antonious 9 Jan 2002

Fragments of Voice

There is a Voice that moves forward in time It says: “My Love for you is boundless”

Fragments of Voice is a very beautiful and concise poetic text about the search for the meaning of life


Frédéric Antonious -

The story relates the discovery of an ancient manuscript of which the origin is unknown. The content of this manuscript is very evocative. It is an extraordinary text about truth, love and the meaning of living. Its language echoes a distant past, its message however is timeless, and is directly addressing people of today.

I do not give you Truth
Truth cannot be proclaimed
There is no Truth to be proclaimed
Those who say they proclaim Truth
They give you their truth, not Truth
Their truth is for them, not for you
Their truth is not Truth
Truth cannot be proclaimed
Truth merely is
Its proclamation stops Truth
From being Truth

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