Bhavesh Hindocha

We are a part of the Loud Minority, and as such, we are a part of those concerned with CHANGE!


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Video maker, social issues, mental health, ethnicity, diversity, racism, youth, culture, art, music, politics, history. South Asia and Africa.

Project : to create a prototype web space around and about the Bestival music festival. An intense, surreal, funny and meaningful experience. Music driven, but made by the people who attend.
Starting point - several short films made by Fiasco Films at the festival, shot on 16mm, super8 and DV. Probably present in Korsakow.
Bring in user content - festival goer's mobile / camcorder films and photos. Plus users responses to the material put on the site.
Call for user content that expresses the spirit of the event. A way to highlight the best material - voting? editorial rating?
The project will both provide a way to re-live the Bestival 2007 and also look ahead to 2008. The prototype will explore what is possible to do in 2008, hopefully adding 'live' elements then.
The project could help us raise funding to develop and build a full working site and make a broader film in 2008.

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