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The Humus Files

17 Oct 2007

From the back alleys of Cairo to Manhattan delis, humus is perhaps the most celebrated dip from the Middle East and Arab world. Both staple and beloved snack, the origin of this chickpea delicacy is hotly debated: some say the Phoenicians brought chickpeas to the Levant, others claim it was the culinary prowess of the famous 12th century Sultan of Egypt and Syria Salah al-Din (Saladin), who enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen in-between fighting the crusaders, others again argue it is mentioned in the bible. One thing is sure: each country (and even every family!) has its own recipe and variation for humus.


The Humus files at Mediamatic - Jans Possel

Everything you ever wanted to know about humus, but were afraid to ask? Here was your chance!

Our favourite gourmand and foodie, Lebanese chef Michel Yammine, taught us the ins and outs of the art of humus-making.

Michel took us through all the steps from getting the right ingredients to expertly blending them, and garnishing them accordingly. The world of humus opened up, as Michel walked us through culinary anecdotes, historical and local variations of humus, as well as sister dishes such as balila and mesabha. After having learned how to pronounce and prepare it, Michel showed us how to expertly scoop our humus with the required wrist action.

Hosted by curator and humus aficionado Nat Muller.


The Humus files at Mediamatic - Jans Possel

About Michel Yammine (LB/NL)

Michel was born in Beirut and came to the Netherlands in 2004. Already at a young age Michel discovered his love for cooking and good food: his relatives own a well-known restaurant where he learnt the tricks of the trade, and as a student Michel worked for the exclusive Beiruti caterer Noura in Achrafieh. After a stint at office life Michel decided to dedicate his time to his passion for Lebanese cuisine: since 2005 he works as a chef at Nomads restaurant in Amsterdam, and has his own catering business “Food by Michel” where he continues to share his joy for Lebanese gastronomy with us.