Street Typography and Urban Rockabilly

Tourist 11 meets Amsterdam artists

1 Apr 2010
1 Apr 2010

Salon with Mahmoud Hamdy (Cairo), Sjocosjon (Amsterdam) and Sina Khani (Tehran/Amsterdam). About streetart, design, photography, good and bad artists. Start 8.30 pm.


Assumptions - By Mahmoud Hamdy

Whether it is graphic or font design, photography or installation art, Mahmoud Hamdy’s practice probes and pushes boundaries, be that situations wherein the public and private sphere turn topsy-turvy, where audience participation and design improvisation merge, or where font is mixed with typical Cairo street credibility.

Amsterdam based artist SjocoSjon is fascinated by visual means meant to be used for the worship of persons, political movements, nationalities and religions. In his more recent works he tries to play with these visual means in relation to the message behind it: tribute and glory, in the past and in the present, in politics and in commerce.

Sina Khani will surprise you with a lecture performance called "The East is the Best": on good and bad art by good and bad artists from the Middle East. It includes a funny slideshow, informative video clips & intense music samples.


Mediamatic BANK, Vijzelstraat 68, Amsterdam.

Opening Hours

The Salon starts at 8.30 pm. Free entrance.