Straw Bale Building Workshop

Super cheap sustainable architecture DIY adventure!

25 Sep 2013
28 Sep 2013

Our roof is leaking and in the winter we see icy vapour-clouds floating out of our mouths. To protect ourselves and our Aquaponics farm we will start building a temporary office. Like to learn how to build with straw bales? Join our workshop team.


Strohut - Wat een verschil! De leem is uitgesmeerd en de twijgen en bamboestokken zijn schoongepoetst. De muur van de strohut is zo goed als af. Rosanne Schenk

The walls of the temporary office will consist of straw bales, finished-off with a layer of clay. The 100% organic materials come from a local field. René Dalmeijer, professional straw builder, will guide us through the process from field to office.

Straw Building workshop for everyone!

In this 4-day workshop you'll build a straw bale office step by step together with René Dalmeijer and our Mediamatic team. You can participate in this workshop and learn everything you need to know about straw building methods.

On the first day we'll begin with making the window frames and paint them. We'll also begin with stacking the straw bales. Day two we'll mainly pile up the straw bales and connect them with willows to keep the wall on it's place. On the third day we'll be connecting the window frames into the wall, we'll continue the stacking and we'll attach the ladder track on top of the wall. Finally, on the fourth day we daub the structure with adobe clay to seal in the straw.


After every building day we'll come together, share a wonderful meal and listen to presentations from expert straw builders, architects and other straw-bale lovers during StrohuttenFest. On Saturday September 28, the final day of the Fest, we celebrate the end of the building process with grassroots and Hill Billy bands.


Participation in this 4-day workshop, including lunch, dinner and free access to the StrohuttenFest program and festival will only set you back € 70 including VAT. You need a membership to participate. If you can't join all the workshop days you can also buy a day ticket for € 25 including VAT, lunch, dinner, membership and evening program. With your passe-partout or day card you can come to Ignite #30 on the 25th for free!


The workshop takes place from Wednesday September 25 until Saturday September 28 from 10.00 to 17.00 hours in Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-kade 10 in Amsterdam. Click here for the route. Dinner and presentations take place from 18.00 hours until approx. 22.00 hours. For questions you can contact Deborah Meibergen or call her at: 020-638 9901