Learn to question the notion of value

Working together with actors, designers, children, artists and thinkers, the SwapUpShop workshops tackled issues questioning the visual representation of value, the playful dimensions and the performative potential of the swapping act. The SwapUpShop will end with a dinner party, merging eating and swapping together as 'critical cuisine'.


SwapUpShop stand - At Ruilen exhibition Working together with thinkers, do'ers and designers the SwapUpShop workshops will toy with the idea of value by making use of playing, thinking, performing and making. The SwapUpShop will close with a dinner party consisting of 'critical cuisine' and a performance created in one of the workshops Read more here . Aleksandra Kalashnikova

Swap Up Workshops

Workshop 1: Play - November 24

The workshop “Play” was dedicated to children in the age of 7–10. Through playing we re-discovered a world which based on direct action: I give you this, for that. This workshop was in Dutch. Click here for more information (in Dutch).

Workshop 2: Think - December 1

The workshop “Think” triggered the imagination of its participants to invent new considerations of value, in collaboration with brandstof and Life! Spektaculair Denkfestival. Click here for more information.

Workshop 3: Perform - December 8

During the workshop “Perform”, participants wrote a screenplay for the final dinner party, in collaboration with Cornelia Hanselmann (choreograph, dance and mime). Click here for more information.

Workshop 4: Make - December 15

The workshop “Make” investigated ways in which swapping can become a method according to which you can design formats, interfaces, identities and processes. Click here for more information.

Critical Cuisine

During the final dinner party on January 6, food and thought merged together to form a critical cuisine.