New Order

New Order, organised by Mediamatic, is a series of exhibitions about a fundamental principle of our present-day world: energy. Five independent shows exhibit the work of Dutch and international artists, designers and architects. Their work is a reaction to different aspects of our society: politics, economy, healthcare, food and experience. Together they form a sketch of a future planet.


10-03-2012 Electroluminescent blue whale - New Order - New Order, organized by Mediamatic, is a series of exhibitions investigating a world where energy has become a fundamental principle of our society. We once had a very direct relationship with our energy consumption, as with most animals today it was directly related to our metabolism. While sleeping we need about 90 watts of energy to 'run', to survive in the Amazon, because a hunter-gatherer needs about 250 watts. With the rise of civilization and technology, the modern middle-class man in… Simone Schoutens