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Harald Ulriksen is an ultra marathon athlete and ultra long distance runner for charities. Especially he runs to assist the fight against cancer. This in cause of experiences with this horrible disease in his personal life.
In 2008, through the pain of the loss he found that walking would be his way out of the grief and chose to walk 2400km SOLO from Adelaide to Brisbane Australia (walka2b was born) starting at over 120 kilos his life changed and was able to start running.
Pinklads in 2009 was created and a 1000km run from Melbourne to Sydney was held to raise funds for breast cancer. Getting involved with the NSW CANCER COUNCIL in the Relay for Life events and running 400km in New Zealand and 500km in Spain, trekking and climbing in the Himalayas, he has kept running around the world, and most recently completed a massive 3700km run in 65days in Chile running from north to south through the Atacama desert and passing the Andes mountains.

Now his next challenge will be 1000km from Inverness to Brighton in the UK, solo.

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