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Wijnand Veneberg @ Ignite Amsterdam 27 - During Ignite Amsterdam at Mediamatic artists, designers and other makers get 5 minutes to present their passions. The next Ignite Amsterdam will be held on May 29. Get your tickets online. Picture found on Wijnand's website. Picture was found on his website.

Wijnand Veneberg is a multidisciplinary media artist with a focus on interactive narratives. He recently graduated with a Master of Arts, Design for Digital Cultures at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

He likes to do something new every time, but thinks the common denominator is that he's trying to get a grip of how art and people are placed in time and what kind of influence time and change has on the human condition. Trying to get a sense of the patterns I notice and to response on it in an imaginary way with his work.

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