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Telmo began scribbling when nine months old but really started drawing in kindergarten. And he hasn’t stopped creating since. He saw high school as an obstruction, because he already knew what he wanted to do.

So before graduating from high school he already took an admission exam and got in at the Willem de Kooning Art academy in Rotterdam. His illustration study started in 2006 and at the moment he is busy graduating. In his first year he met Miel Krützmann (GraffitiArtist/Ser) in class and they shared the same visions, so they started working together in and outside school.

After Miel introduced him to Danny (GraffitiArtist/Recal).The three formed Codex Inferno. The creative collective has a broad vision and a wide range of techniques. While graffiti art is the base for codex inferno, photography and music is also a part of it. Telmo’s work is attractive and diverse. And he’s at the beginning of his career where there’s still a lot of ground to explore.

Together with Miel Krutzman he established TELMO MIEL.
Together they combine (spray)painting styles like (classic) realism, abstract and surrealism.

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