Universiteit Utrecht

Universiteit Utrecht (UU) (Utrecht University) is a large and multifaceted knowledge centre offering high-quality internal education and research.



The UU consists of the following faculties:
- Faculty of Natural Sciences
- Faculty of Veterinary Sciences
- Faculty of Psychological Sciences
- Faculty of Geo Sciences
- Faculty of Law, Economics, Management and Organization
- Faculty of Social Sciences
- Faculty of Medicine / University Medical Centre

The UU aims to fulfil the following tasks:
- The academic formation of young people;
- The education of new generations of researchers;
- The education of academics that will combine knowledge and professional skills;
- The execution of groundbreaking research;
- Contributing to the resolution of social issues.

Contact information

  • Universiteit Utrecht
  • Heidelberglaan 8
  • 3584 CS
  • Utrecht
  • NL