Benedikt Gross

Speculative and Computational Designer


Benedikt Gross - Speculative and computational designer.


Benedikt Groß graduated from the Design Interactions course at the Royal College of Art in 2013 and is now a speculative and computational designer.

His work deals with the relationships between people, their data, technology and environments. He is particularly interested to speculate about these relationships in the near future. He uses design as a vehicle to visualize potential implications and scenarios. Benedikt’s working mode can be described most of the time as ‘thinking through making,’ with software as his preferred making material.

Currently based in South Germany, Benedikt balances his time working on commercial and self-initiated research projects, teaching as a professor of interaction design (HS Weingarten), and raising a family.

His co-authored book ‘Generative Design’ is a best-seller and considered one of the standard books in the field of computational design.

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