Echokamer #13: UOEIA II

Between yodelling and experimental sound

28 Nov 2013

Explore yodeling from its African Pygmy origins to the Swiss Alps, avant-garde tonsil-twisters and hip hop with author Bart Plantenga. Vocal artists Phil Minton performed a unique take on yodeling, while Bernhard Betschart took on naturjodels aka Yutz (shouts). Myriam van Imschoot and Doreen Kutzke presented their experimental yodel-deconstruction duet HOLA HU. We also showed a few historical documentaries and video portraits. And as usual, there was the possibility to have dinner before the concert.


Echokamer #13 - Myriam van Imschoot en Doreen Kutzke. Irini Pigaditi

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Show started at 19:30. Tickets: €3 ex Mediamatic membership. This program is a collaboration between De Player, Gonzo (circus) and Mediamatic. Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. Location: VOC-kade 10, Oostenburg Amsterdam. Free for members of Subbacultcha; subscribers to Gonzo (circus) only pay €5: bring the latest issue for proof.


Bart Plantenga wrote YODEL-AY-EE-OOOO: The Secret History of Yodeling Around the World and more recently Yodel in Hi-Fi, From Kitsch Folk to Contemporary Electronica. These books view yodelling from an international perspective, and explore the origins and development of yodelling, as well as the traces of yodelling in contemporary music.

Phil Minton is a vocal artist from the UK and is known for his exuberant provocations of the vocal register.

The Austrian Bernhard Betschart represents the natur jodel from Muotathal, Switserland, where yodeling is passed down from generation to generation.

Myriam van Imschoot is a Belgian artist-vocalist and Doreen Kutzke is one of a new generation of German yodelers interested in reinventing the yodel.