Maiko Takeda


Maiko Takeda - On this picture is Tokyo-based visual artist Maiko Takeda posing for the camera at one of her exhibitions. This particular exhibition was concerned with fashion. She is most famous for her transformation of faces. This picture was found at Fake Snap Tokyo.

With: Maiko Takeda

Maiko Takeda was born in Tokyo and landed in London to be a milliner and jeweler. In recent years she has completed her MA in milinery at the Royal College of Art. She now focusses on jewelry and fashion design.

Maiko Takeda grew up in depraved Tokyo when it comes to inspiration and new imagery. She wanted to create unique and individualistic pieces, but was held back by the country that came grinding to a halt. This meant that she had to go underground to find inspiration instead of consuming pop culture as many of her friends did. Takeda names random and small things among other things as her inspiration for her designs.

Takeda's interest lies in creating ethereal adornments to the body. She uses the environment to tap into shadows, the wind, the idea of space and openness to create an experience of wonder and estrangement for those who wear her clothes. She does not so much as focus on the form of her work, as she tries to ascend the wearers approach to her clothes and jewelry.

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