Mediamatic Magazine vol 4#4 Niet Bekend 1 Jan 1990

Station House Opera

The Artists

Formed in 198o by Julian Maynard Smith, Miranda Payne and Alison Urquhart. Live and work in London.


Station House Opera -

Station House Opera have a constantly evolving workforce, and bring conceptual qualities and a line execution to experimental theatre. With origins in the visual arts, the company use the component elements of their work to inform and orchestrate dramatic expression, operating within a theatrical setting and practice. Past performances include Drunken Madness on Brooklyn Bridge, 1983, A Split Second of Paradise, 1985, and The Bastille Dances, 1988.

Edge 90 commission: Black Work, a performance involving large clouds of black carbon formed through a chemical reaction - The performance is a kind of architecture. The performers ’ movements are revealed on the floor as traces and marks of everchanging plans, drawings and gestures expressing shifting physical and mental boundaries Julian Maynard Smith, 1990.)