Book: Keith Ansell Pearson 1 Jan 1999

Germinal Life

The Difference and Repetition of Deleuze

A sequel to the highly successful Viroid Life. Where Viroid Life provided a compelling reading of Nietzsche's philosophy of the human, Germinal Life is an original and groundbreaking analysis of little known and difficult theoretical aspects of the work of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

Germinal Life embarks on a fascinating tour of ethology, biology, ethics, literature and cyborgs. Opening with a linking of Richard Dawkin's theory of the extended phenotype and Deleuzian thought, Ansell Pearson introduces the idea of germinal life to challenge traditional notions of ethology and philosophy. By revisiting nineteenth century Darwinism and the origins of germ science, Keith Ansell Pearson develops a stunning reading of Deleuze's key texts. He also introduces highly original interpretations of classic modern literature, including Thomas Hardy's Tess and D.H.Lawrence's Kangaroo before connecting these themes with cyborgism and the work of the performance artist Stelarc. As a companion to Ansell Pearson'sViroid Life, which explored Nietzsche's philosophy of the human, Germinal Life provides a highly original study of the biophilosophical aspects of Deleuze's thought.


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