Aquaponics Data

Monitoring the ecosystems

On this page datalovers and everyone else with a worried mind about our systems can check up on the latest statistics of our Aquaponics towers. This way we can keep an eye out for how our systems are doing, even from a distance!

At first site all these numbers might not say much, but it is very important to make sure all readings are in order so the plants, fish and bacteria stay healthy and happy.


GrowGuard in Basil -

Our GrowGuard measures light, water and temperature. It sends is data to Cosm, where it is collected and presented in graphs.


What's the deal with the CO2 level in the air? There needs to be enough carbondioxide in the air for the plants. They use this to grow and in a closed off space the CO2 level can dwindle quickly. We let oyster mushrooms grow in the tent to supply the air with CO2. If the mycelium is full grown, the CO2 level will drop and we need to place new bags of substrate. Enough reasons to measure quality of the air carefully.
We measure CO2 with a custom built setup. This also uses Cosm as a data collecting service.

And what about light?

Light is very important for the development of the plants. We use special grow lights. It's also important to hold into account that plants also need some time in the dark during the night. Sweet dreams!

Temperature check-up

The weathergods in the Netherlands are not always easy on us. That's why it is good to carefully check the temperature. The fish and bacteria will be thankful. Our systems are inhabited by European catfish, to them a temperature around 18 degrees Celsius is ideal. The bacteria like a more tropical climate with temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees. We cannot, especially not during the bleak Dutch winters, provide this temperature. We try to maintain the highest temperature possible, with a minimum of 18 degrees during the winter.

Follow our tower statistics with us here. Don't hesitate to ask questions or leave a comment on the bottom of the page!