Daniel Parnitzke

On Hops

Information found in Anna Bergmanns work "Praktische Untersuchung zum Einfluss gezielter Stickstoffdüngung auf die Entwicklung der Hopfensorte Saphir"


Bunch of hops -

The hops (Humulus lupulus) belongs to the hemp family (Cannabinaceae) and the order of the nettle family (Urticaceae). The hops produce a large biomass within one year and thereby takes a large amount of nutrients from the soil.
To ensure a high yield, it is necessary that these nutrients are supplied to the soil again. The prerequisite for correct fertilization are regular soil testings. To preserve the soil fertility a regular supply of organic matter for the production of Humus is necessary. Therefore, the hop growers fertilize regularly with organic fertilizers and for supplementing the missing nutrients with mineral fertilizers.

Due to the extensive deep root system of hops, a deep, good-for-rooting soil is required. It prefers medium or light soils, because heavy soils often prone to waterlogging, leading to growth disorders.

Hops required much sunshine for a good flavor and in addition sufficient rainfall in the summer for a high yield and high bitterness. The growing area Hallertau combines these conditions wit an average rainfall of 800 mm per squaremeter.