Daniel Parnitzke, Antoni Gandia

Material and preparations

11. November 2014

We ordered a equipment starter-set "biergist BREWFERM LAGER 12 gram, Premium Quality Aromatic MD™ / Amber 50 ebc 1 kilo" at www.brouwmarkt.nl.

Until now, Antoni, Daniel, Koen and Wim are contributing.

Process, ideas and recipes

Main questions we are facing:
1. Can we make a mushroom beer?
2. How strong will the beer be?

Here there are some links concerning beers infused with mushrooms:

Arduino Fermentators:

12. November 2014 (Daniel Parnitzke)


Unpacking the shipping from brouwmarkt.nl - We are excited Antoni Gandia

The company managed to ship everything in less than 24 hours. We are excited about he different equipments and ingredients we are going to use. We decide to begin tomorrow after work.


Daniel is less excited - but he still is very excited after unpacking the grain from the brewing equipment Antoni Gandia