Beer, Brett and Braumeisters

Bierberaad 07: Stephen Grigg, Aafje Sierksma, Zowie Jannink, Simon Buijs & Henriëtte Waal

10 Apr 2015

When it comes to the art of beerbrewing, do you trust your gut feeling or do you rely on science? Together with our beer curator Henriette Waal we’ll discuss brett yeast strains and Braumeister brew equipment, (un)healthy beer prejudices, take a closer look at hop-differentiation, get a Japanese Moyashimon intro about microorganisms and throw a boys beer party with La Bolleur. And the best part is: all the talks include tastings.

On the menu: Canta Lupulus by Oersoep, a special brewed 'Trois' beer by De Kromme Haring, Kinky Koos by Two Chefs & De Prael, Boysbier, 2 special dry hopped Oettingers. And if you come early we have a special surprise for you..

Food at 18:30, Talks and Tasting at 20:00.


Bierberaad, Feb. 6 - Cheers! Joe-ann

Come early..

..and you will get an exclusive first taste of the new brewed Vogelen beer by Oedipus. If you walk in from 18.30 to 19.00 we will treat you with a glass Vogelen (yes, for free).

Stephen Grigg from brewery De Kromme Haring

Stephen is an avid hobbyist brewer and also occasionally contract brewer at De Kromme Haring. Especially for Bierberaad he brewed an experimental new beer, fermented with 'trois'; the fruity brett strain that recently has been revealed to not be brett. For Bierberaad he will elaborate on how to convert an idea into a finished beer, while creatively making use of the resources you have available. Also he will show off the Braumeister brewing set and the many potential ways it could be used.
Tasting: Special brewed 'Trois' beer


Yeast strains fresh from the Kromme Haring yeast library now on display at Micropia - De Kromme Haring (Stephen Grigg) is a brewer extraordinaire and a brewpub-in-the-state-of-becoming De Kromme Haring

Zowie Jannink from La Bolleur

La Bolleur is a multidisciplinary design studio, founded by a group of thinkers and makers that take having fun seriously. And having fun almost equals beer. For the Huttenfestival in Tilburg they made a draft installation, including a beer tower, an ice-tunnel and a bar. But you also might know them from their own brewed and branded beer: Boys Beer.
Tasting: Boys Beer


La Bolleur brewery - At huttenfestival Tilburg La Bolleur made a tap installation, including a beertower, an icetunnel and a bar. At huttenfestival Tilburg La Bolleur made a tap installation, including a beertower, an icetunnel and a bar.

With: La Bolleur

Hoptasting with Simon Buijs and Henriëtte

What hop do you want in your beer? Hops are the bitter female flowers that are used to oppose the sweetness of the malt (bitter hop) and/or to flavour beer (aroma hop). But it also stabilises the beer and keeps it from turning bad. In this talk we discuss known and less known, classic and new hopping. We will taste and compare a basic beer that has been dry-hopped with different hop-types, leading to different flavors.
Tasting: 2 types of dry-hopped beer, made by Henriette


Hops in pantyhose - 45g of hops stuffed in a pantyhose to prevent from falling in the cereal brough. Daniel Parnitzke

Willem Velthoven on Moyashimon

Moyashimon is short for the Japanese manga series Moyashimon, Tales of Agriculture by Masayuki Ishikawa. It features a first year student at an agricultural university, who has a unique ability to see and communicate with bacteria and other micro-organisms. One of them being Saccharomyces cerevisiae better known as yeast! Willem Velthoven will give an introduction to this bizar and wonderfull anime series.
Tasting: a saison Kinky Koos by Two Chefs


Moyashimon, sake - Still from the Japanese anime series Moyashimon, featuring an agriculture student who has the ability to see and speak to micro-organisms. Masayuki Ishikawa

Aafje Sierksma from Kennisinstituut Bier

Moderate beer consumption can fit in a healthy lifestyle. But is it wise to drink beer after sports, or is non-alcoholic beer a better alternative? And what about the calories, does beer give you a belly or are there other causes? Are there healthy fibers in your beer? Aafje Sierksma will give an overview of the current state of knowledge regarding the health effects of moderate consumption of beer, and it’s role in an adult’s healthy lifestyle.
Tasting: Canta Lupulus by Oersoep

And, we will take a closer look at you! What is your Gut Feeling telling you? The results of this test will be presented at Bierberaad.


I put an olive in my beer. - When is drinking beer healty?

Friday 10 April
Food at 18:30, Talks at 20:00
Biotoop Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
Tickets: €15 (incl. membership)
Note: tasting is only accessible with a valid membership

On the menu there is a filling Celeriac soup with wild garlic and mushrooms served with Niemeijer's Batard bread. €5


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