Event Planning

A standarized template for various event types.

Structured and timely event planning helps all relevant parties and prevents from confusion and miscommunication. When filled in completely these forms inform everyone about what is expected of them.


Andrea Crews - Eunji

There are three types of events that ask for different levels of commitment by the Mediamatic crew.

Type 1 (Klasse I): Small event, not organized by Mediamatic but hosted at Mediamatic. e.g. a get together of Partizan (with whom we worked a lot during the Pièce de Résistance exhibition).

Type 2 (Klasse II): Small event, organized by Mediamatic, not necessarily (but most probably) hosted at Mediamatic. e.g. a workshop, lecture, debate night, etc.

Type 3 (Klasse III): Big Mediamatic event. e.g. an exhibition, a conference, etc.

For the Type 1 events communication efforts will be minimal, whereas for Type 3 events everyone will need to step up to make the event a success. Please download one of the forms, according to the event you're planning. Fill it in and distribute it to relevant parties (communication, floormanagers, etc.). Since these templates are a work in progress you are free to alter and improve them.

Lastly, please be TIMELY in your event planning. Also don't be shy, get cozy and fill in these forms together; who knows what new ideas you might think of.