How to give a talk at Mediamatic

Tips and answers to FAQ's

Are you going to give a talk at Mediamatic? On this page you will hopefully find all the information you need.


the Black Barn -

At Mediamatic, we are very happy to host a big variety of speakers and performers from different backgrounds for our talks, workshops and other events. In this sense, thank you for collaborating with us!
On this page, we try to answer all the organisatorial questions you might have.


Mediamatic Biotoop - Mediamatic Biotoop

About Mediamatic

Mediamatic is a cultural institution dedicated to new developments in the arts since 1983. We organize lectures, workshops and art projects, focusing on nature, biotechnology and BioArt in a strong international network.

You find more information about what we do and what we have done here.


Mediamatic is located in the centre of Amsterdam.
Here you can find how to get to the Dijksgracht 6. Please note that we do not have parking spots!
Most of our events take place in the Sluisdeurenloods, a charming old black barn. Inside, there is space for up to 120 people, chairs, and heaters for the cold months. Note that the sound insulation is not the best, and trains passing by can be noisy sometimes.


Henriette Waal kicks of Bierberaad - Henriette Waal giving a talk at Mediamatic

Preparation for a talk

We kindly ask you to send us your Key Note/PDF/PowerPoint-Presentation in advance. That way, it is easier for us to prepare the event - as we wont have to switch laptos during the different talks and presentations. Please be at Mediamatic at least 1.5 hours before the event starts. To be ensured for any circumstance, we also advice you to have a back-up of your presentation on USB.

If you plan anything special, like handing out something to taste, please let the event-manager know! So we can prepare everything that is needed in advance.


The following technical equipment (and more) can be found in the black barn:
- Beamer with Apple Port Display (VGA-Output or HDMI also possible if urgently needed)
- PA System with mini-Jack
- 2 wireless microphones (hand-held)
(- microphone stand)

We happily assist you doing the soundcheck before the event starts. If you are planning to embed music or video in your presentation, please let us know beforehand. We also ask you to use a microphone for your talk, to make sure everyoone understands what you are saying.


Biotalk - Patrizia Ruthensteiner talking at Biotalk

Guest list & Tokens

We offer some places on the guest list for your guests. Please communicate their names with the event manager (we reserve a ticket for your guests). Also we offer you a couple of free drinks, the event manager will give you the tokens/vouchers.


After your talk, you can send us an invoice if you agreed on a fee or reimbursement.
Note that the amount is ex. VAT / BTW. You can send it through e-mail using the following invoice adress:

Stichting Mediamatic
t.a.v. Jans Possel
Dijksgracht 6
1019 BS Amsterdam

That's it!

We hope you have/had a good time with us and hope to see you again some time! If the event was photographed you can find the complete album on our Flickr account.