3 Days of Zuur Vis Design Eat Bacterie Pis Bloem

11 - 12 - 13 September 2015

On 11 - 12 - 13 September we invite you for three days of Zuur Vis Design Eat Bacterie Pis Bloem. There will be new artworks by Kamiel Rongen and Zeger Reyers, Rederij Lampedusa by Teun Castelein, a fermented food market and salon (Zuur), Tours, Drinks, Twijfel Zaaien, Posters by Festivall Fünf and Icelandic music by Samaris, M-Band, Hermigervill, Berndsen and Good Moon Deer. Scroll down for the complete line-up.

The official opening of Dijkspark will be on Saturday 12 September 16:00 at Mediamatic Biotoop.


Mediamatic Biotoop Dijkspark on a sunny day - Waterside view of Mediamatic Biotoop with the refugee vessel "Meneer Vrijdag" of Rederij Lampedusa mooring in the Dijksgracht Ruby Lee

Go here for more information about the program. And sign up for the facebook events of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday 11 September

19:00 - 23:00 Schimmel Sex Water Art Ei Zaaien Lab

We will start the weekend with the opening of three new art installations that grow, flow and drip. The towering waterfall of plates and grasses by Zeger Reyers, an interactive piss installation by video artist Kamiel Rongen and the refugee boat (Rederij Lampedusa) by Teun Castelein.

The German/Icelandic Festisvall Fünf will also be there with 15 graphic design posters and music by Hermigervill. Drinks will be served by Copperhead Gin, food by Frites et Mer.


Zeger Reyers his new installation - Over 1000 plates were used in the new installation by Zeger Reyers. The work raises up throught the roof of our restaurant and all the way up the wall. Brigitte Hillenaar, Zeger Reyers

Saturday 12 September

15:30 - 24:00 Zwam Beer Ferment Oog Aroma Culture

Saturday 16:00 will be the official opening of Dijkspark. Together with Hannekes Boom, Barco restaurant, Shaffy's Tuin, GreenNest Gallery and Klimmuur Centraal we will open up this new Amsterdam back yard. Speeches by Janny Rodermond (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve industrie) and Roeland Rengelink (board Stadsdeel Centrum)

After this festive moment you are invite to come and hang at the Mediamatic Terras, take a tour through Dijkspark and the art installations, take a trip with Rederij Lampedusa, taste different beer experiments in the Myco Brewery and Raise Doubts with Twijfel Zaaien.

In the evening we give the floor to Icelandic music extravaganza Festisvall Fünf.

20:00 M-Band Solo-project van multi-instrumentalist Hörður Már Bjarnason
21:00 Samaris Disparate electronics, clarinet and enchanting voices
21:45 Good Moon Deer Improvised soundscapes by Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson
23:00 Berndsen Red bearded 80’s lover with dramatic vocals.


Samaris, disparate electronics from Iceland - Combining clarinet with enchanting voices.

With: Samaria (IS)

Sunday 13 September

12:00 - 19:00 Zuur Vis Design Eat Bacterie Pis Bloem

Zuur is all about food and fermentation. On the food market you will find stalls by Meneer van Beuningen, The Beef Chief, Thull’s, De Vrouw met de Baard, Mama Bakery, Kefir Workshops, Copeprhead Gin, Pickles voor Bikkels, Friet & Mer, Adama’s Bissap Wijn, Gebroeders de Wolf and more. Christo will demonstrate his wood-fired clay oven, you can create your own pickles with misshaped radishes with Lepelboom and Cornelissen Fresh Food. An we'll open up cans of the most feared food in the world: Surströmming.

Eager to learn more? Leslie Dronkers invites the makers on stage in the Zuur Salon. The fermented talkshow and tasting feast.

All artworks by Jasmin Moeller, Masha Ru, Zeger Reyers, Kamiel Rongen and the Myco Brewery are also on display.


Tirza pickles by Lepelboom - Pickled red onions with cinnamon. Lepelboom

With: Lepelboom


A big pile of radishes - jummy radishes ready to be pickles

Dijkspark - Opening Weekend
11 - 12 - 13 September
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijkspark 6, Amsterdam
Free entrance.

And sign up for the facebook events of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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