Mediamatic 1994

Doors of Perception CD-ROM

In 1994 the Doors of Perception CD-ROM comes out. On this CD-ROm you can find the interactive events of the Doors of Perception conference, held on the 30th of October and the 31th of October, 1993, can be found. This CD-ROM won in 1995 several major awards, see here


Mediamatic vol 8#1 Storage Mania front cover - The Storage Mania Issue used images found in the internet. That was a rather new thing in 1994. Also it contained the Doors of Perception CD-rom in a round cut out. The design is by Willem Velthoven Willem Velthoven

Mediamatic Magazine

This year there will be two editions of the Mediamatic Magazine, Volume 7#¾ and 8#1. Articles about the art of advertising, the magazine predict it comes to an end. In contrast, the emergence of database banks and the storage of computer data.


Cover Mediamatic Magazine vol. 7#3/4 End of Advertising Issue - Mediamatic Issues Willem Velthoven