Mapelle is the supplier of our tasty, organic apple and pear juice at Mediamatic Eten.


Mappelle logo - Mappelle is the supplier of our apple and pear juice at MediamaticETEN Mappelle

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Mappelle products are made from 100% pure ingredients. No additives. All fruits are from the Betuwe and are organic.

Their apple and pear juice is made from a real mix, such as Ingrid Marie Goudreinette and Saint Rémy.

Mappelle is fascinated how each fruit crop grows in any soil with any weather and how pests and diseases can be held in check by beneficial organisms, providing a big the effect on the health of the plants. A small piece of land, planted with fruit crops can be harvested many times with good care. Mappelle wants to assist others with their enthusiasm for growing fruits.

They have three orchards:
- The tall apple and pear orchard in Werkhoven with about 60 beautiful, 60 year-old fruit trees.
- A tall plum orchard covering ¾ hectare of State Forest in a nature reserve at Est, in the Betuwe.
- A tall-walnut orchard nearby, with 21 young trees.

All these orchards are SKAL certified and no pesticides are sprayed. The harvest of these orchards is sold partly fresh, partly processed into juice.

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