Vørding’s gin

Amsterdam-based Vørding’s Gin, a cedar wood infused dry gin, is just one of the great spirits served at Mediamatic Eten.


Vørding’s gin - Vørding’s gin is a supplier of one of our gin's.

Thomas Vørding was born and raised in Amsterdam with a love for gin and a passion for perfection.

The gin is now proudly distilled in Schiedam but the signature taste cedar wood chips are still chopped and toasted by hand in Vørding’s own kitchen.

Vørding’s Gin has four key ingredients to give it that sophisticated taste: orange, juniper, cinnamon and toasted red cedar wood. After infusing and filtering they give Vørding’s Gin its light smokey identity and rich golden colour.

Vørding's Gin's can easily be enjoyed both in cocktails or straight in your glass. It makes a great after dinner digestive or can be used in a classic dry martini, gin-tonic, or negroni.

Other flavours that combine well when making cocktails are cardamom, cucumber, dark chocolate, ginger and dark red fruits such as blackberries and cherries.

Vørding's Gin won a silver outstanding award in The International Wine and Spirit Competition July 2015.

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