Biological, Vegan wines

Neleman is a Dutch family company that makes and Spanish organic wines in Valencia. You can enjoy a tasty glass of their Tempranillo or Verdejo wine at Mediamatic ETEN.


Neleman - The biological wine suppliers of Mediamatic ETEN Neleman

With: Neleman

Neleman wines are made with love in Valencia, the city where Derrick Neleman lost his heart.

The climate in this region is ideal for a select group of indigenous grapes, which have only have improved in taste over the years, giving the wines a unique character.

Neleman, like Valencia, combine tradition and design. Neleman make their wine in a traditional way, while the design of their bottles are created by promising young designers from around the world. In this way, the story of their wines have an extra dimension.

If this wasn't enough reason to enjoy a glass of Neleman wine, Neleman wines also come directly from the winery and are always organic and vegan.

Contact information

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  • Nieuwstad 53
  • 7201 N L
  • Zutphen
  • NL