General Terms for Rental

of a space for meetings

Whenever renting a space at Mediamatic, these conditions apply, to rental of a space for activities or meetings specifically. For conditions considering rental of the co-work spaces, send a request to Click here for an overview of rentable spaces.


Drukte in de Sluisdeurenloods - Julia ter Maten

1. General

a. By signing this Mediamatic rental agreement, the lessee admits to have taken note of the contents of the document, and agrees with them as stated.
b. If it turns out the meeting had another goal than stated in the contract, it will be terminated immediately.
c. The rented space is in simultaneous use by Mediamatic, and should be accessible to visitors during opening hours. Private events are only possible before or after opening hours.
d. Without permission by Mediamatic, the lessee is not allowed to hang up, put down, attach or project any kind of material. All changes to the interior will have to be discussed with Mediamatic before carrying them out.
e. The lessee must ensure the building is entered and exited in a calm manner, without causing disturbance to the neighbours.
f. No smoking is allowed in the rented space.
g. All damage to Mediamatic equipment or property, caused by the lessee as a result of improper use, will be charged to the lessee.
h. Mediamatic is not responsible for damage, theft or loss of equipment or materials brought in by the lessee. Insurance and settlement for any possible calamity or theft is solely the responsibility of the lessee.
i. By signing this contract the lessee agrees to refrain from all potential claims relating to damage, theft or loss of personal or leased equipment at Mediamatic.
j. Upon departure, the rented space must be left clean and tidy.

2. Annulment

a. Must be handled in writing.
b. At least seven days before rental date: 20% of the rent will be charged.
c. Less than seven days before rental date: 50% of the rent will be charged.
d. Less than 24 hours before rental date: 100% of the rent will be charged.

3. Technical facilities

a. Installation and operation of Mediamatic equipment may only be handled by Mediamatic technicians, unless a written agreement was made upfront.
b. The lessees own equipment may only be used after an agreement with Mediamatic in writing. When using one's own equipment, the installation is solely the lessees responsibility. Mediamatic may oblige a Mediamatic technician to be present when operating this equipment during the rental period. Additional fees will be charged for use of personnel.

4. Noise regulations

a. The permitted volume is a maximum of 80 decibel in the back of the building, and 86 decibel in the front.
b. Before and during meetings, measures should be taken in regard to the noise level in the room. Exterior doors must remain closed when a band or DJ is playing.

5. PR

a. The opportunity of using Mediamatics PR-facilities will depend on the availability of these facilities, as well as the content of the program.
b. Submitted texts are covered by Mediamatics editors. Mediamatic reserves the right to not include contributions.

6. Catering

a. The lessee is not allowed to sell, hand out or otherwise distribute consumptions or beverages, unless Mediamatic has given permission in writing, on terms to be later agreed on.
b. No later than five working days before the start of this lease may the lessee still change the number of persons on the submitted contract. This must be done in writing. After this date Mediamatic will be in all cases authorised to calculate the price of catering on the submitted number of attending persons, even when the amount of attendees turns out to be lower than that.
c. In case the number of attendees turns out to be higher than previously specified, Mediamatic will be authorised in adjusting the price in the rental agreement.

7. Billing

a. The quoted prices do not include VAT.
b. By signing this lease, the lessee automatically agrees with the General Terms.
c. Upon approval and signing of this lease, a deposit of 50% of the rent needs to be made. For this the lessee will receive an invoice.


Workshop in de Panoramazaal. - the penthouse is available for rent The penthouse is available for rent. Capacity up to 65 people.