Spacious room in a monumental shipbuilding hall

The Sluisdeurenloods (lock gate warehouse) is the biggest room at Mediamatic Biotoop. The robust wooden building is ideal for bigger events and can host up to 150 people. A large projector screen is installed in the room and because of the original state of the building the hustle and bustle in the surrounding city can be experiences at all times. The barn has an interesting history and happens to be one of the last of its kind.


Caro and Garmt introducing the 15th Odorama - Anisa Xhomaqi


Type of an event Amount of people
Reception 150
Presentation 120
Dinner /Meeting       In consultation

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Presentation in the Sluisdeurenloods - Mediamatic's Sluisdeurenloods is fully equipped to host presentations for up to 100 people in a theater setup. For standing receptions and (music) performances the maximum capacity is 150 people. Anisa Xhomaqi


Depending on your need, we can offer different possibilities for image and sound. For example, a professional presentation with microphone and projector. We would like to hear from you what equipment you need for presentations (laptop, connection, etc.).


This space can be arranged for presentation, reception or meeting purposes. We have our own tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Other furniture can be rented.

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Plattegrond van de Sluisdeurenloods - Floor plan of the Sluisdeurenloods Flora Macleod

The grey area is not available. The available space is then roughly 12 to 12 metres. 

Up until the wooden beams, the barn is 3.42 metres high.