Waterfront Restaurant and Bar

Reception, Dining and art at Mediamatic ETEN. Capacity of up to 120+ people.

Mediamatic ETEN is equipped with an open kitchen, bar and a wood-fired oven, which makes it a perfect environment for cosy dinners, receptions or presentations. The restaurant is located directly on the water overlooking NEMO and the Marineterrein. The terrace is also located next to the port so it is possible to sail to Mediamatic and dock in front of it. In addition to this, the bar is connected with our Haeckelroom which extends the capacity.


Mediamatic ETEN filled to the brim - Willem Velthoven


Type of an event Capacity
Reception 120 people
Dinner 80 people
Lecture To consult

Extra services and more information:

Because our bar is closely connected to the restaurant it is only possible to rent the two together. For private parties we are required combine the rent of the location with a minimum bar-purchase.

Read more about extra possibilities, Mediamatic Eten and the directions.