Aquaponics Greenhouse

Greenhouse available for workshops and team training

The Aquaponics Greenhouse is a unique place that nature and the city together. It is an inspiring and light environment, filled with plants and the calming sounds of flowing water. This atmosphere will boost your creativity and will make a perfect location for brain-storming sessions together with your team, presentations (20 persons) or workshops (15 persons). The herbs that are grown in the Aquaponics Greenhouse are being used in the Mediamatic Eten restaurant and our team will be more than happy to explain how the system works and give you a tour of the space.


Gathering in the Aquaponics Farm - In the Aquaponics Farm you can meet, present and discuss amidst our urban farming systems. Here we cultivate herbs, plants and fish in one system. Anisa Xhomaqi


Type of an event   Capacity
Meeting 15 persons
Presentation 20 persons
Reception 35 persons


This space can be arranged for presentation, reception or meeting purposes. We have our own tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Other furniture can be rented.


Vergaderopstelling in de Aquaponics Kas - Julia ter Maten

Extra possibilities and information

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