188 m2 / 5 - 20 individuals

Circular Greenhouse / Aquaponics

Unique venue in glasshouse

The Aquaponics Greenhouse is a unique space where the city, research and nature come together. It is a light environment, filled with plants and sounds of flowing water. This atmosphere makes a unique location for brain-storming sessions, presentations or workshops.


Aquaponics - Mediamatic has their own urban agriculture system in the form of an Aquaponics greenhouse at the Biotoop Dijkspark, near Amsterdam Central station. Aquaponics is a way to sustainably produce food in the city, because it hardly takes up any space. Plants and fish are cultivated together. The fish excrete ammonia which gets transformed by bacteria into nitrate. The nitrate serves as fertilizer for the plants. Anisa Xhomaqi


Type of an event Amount of individuals
Meeting 10
Presentation 15
Reception 20

Extra possibilities and more information

The herbs that are grown in the Aquaponics Greenhouse are being used in Mediamatic ETEN, our restaurant. Interested in how the system works? Book an additional tour.


Depending on your needs, we offer different services for image and sound. For example, a professional presentation with a microphone and LCD screen. Let us know what equipment you need for your presentation (laptop, connection, etc.).


This space can be arranged for presentation, reception or meeting purposes. We have our own tables, benches, desks, chairs and a small wardrobe. Other furniture can be rented.


For reservations, more information, or a tour mail: event@mediamatic.nl or call +31206389901.

Include the following information: how many people, type of event, desired date, indication time, technical wishes, catering, and other preferences.